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Erka 930 and DK8

So its now the end of August and it has been hot all over Europe – Brittany being no exception, too hot to work in the shed although I do have a wee portable air conditioner which doubles as a powerful fan.

Erka (Brother 930)

Input handknit pattern into DesignaKnit 8

I liked the idea of knitting a quick pattern from one of my various hand knitting books – so I copied the pattern into DesignaKnit ensuring that it would translate into machine knitting ie in my case a 3 or 4 ply type yarn. As I keep reminding you all, I only have industrials so hence the unusual yarn choices. In this case I had some wonderful soft white cotton and having knitted with it before, I knew it would wash and wear well, essential when doing lace stuff, as it’s a serious

After entering the shape in general stitch by stitch into DesignKnit 8 using the tension given in the book, I had then to do a swatch with the 2 ends of industrial – the tension was different of course – I then had to decide how to proceed within DesignaKnit. I always save and save again in DK – its easy to do and much easier than starting again. I then cancelled the exact stitch layout and went onto cms after entering the swatch size. Once this was done, I checked all was well with t