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Singer 9000 Electronic

Singer 9000 Electronic Knitting Machine

Singer 9000 electronic knitting machine

I am lucky in that I have two of these fantastic machines, however they do take some time to get to grips with and I have the Singer table motor and this is an added bonus. The motor fits all Singer machines and comes with a foot pedal and an automatic option. To boot it’s a sturdy wee beast.

Thankfully I also have the Sue Woolley video that helped me no end. The electronics are a wee bit tedious compared with Designaknit but what is good are the selection of fabulous built in patterns within this system, if cannot find something you like, then you are super fussy.

The monitor goes on, the unit is switched on, TV disk in (Floppy) Select from Screen, Follow the easy programme that is included. Note to me, the mouse is a nightmare to use, but my first Singer 9000 had a faulty mouse