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Singer 9000 Electronic

Singer 9000 Electronic Knitting Machine

Singer 9000 electronic knitting machine

I am lucky in that I have two of these fantastic machines, however they do take some time to get to grips with and I have the Singer table motor and this is an added bonus. The motor fits all Singer machines and comes with a foot pedal and an automatic option. To boot it’s a sturdy wee beast.

Thankfully I also have the Sue Woolley video that helped me no end. The electronics are a wee bit tedious compared with Designaknit but what is good are the selection of fabulous built in patterns within this system, if cannot find something you like, then you are super fussy.

The monitor goes on, the unit is switched on, TV disk in (Floppy) Select from Screen, Follow the easy programme that is included. Note to me, the mouse is a nightmare to use, but my first Singer 9000 had a faulty mouse

Singer 9000 consul

System used with TV as a monitor

It reeks of MS Dos and the old Windows system initially but once you have operated it couple of times, its so easy, and unlike the Passap E6000, if you make a mistake, you can just fix it, no annoying bleeps or starting again, all you do is click on the rows done and minus it back to before the error.

Funny thing is, there are no intrusive wires on this machine, dunno how it works but I like it, good needle bed and quality carriage, and to date they seem to last though this machine is a domestic knitting machine but not like the semi industrial build of the Passaps. I am lucky enough to own loads of extras for the Singer/Superbas including motors, Garter Carriage, Transfer carriage, Lace Carriage and the one I am not so keen on the Colour Changer, however, given that it does wonderful colour work without the necessity for a colour changer and without floats in some of the techniques, why worry.

Singer 9000 patterns

Fabulous set of manuals

The Singer 9000 knitting machine comes with a set of fabulous manuals and I suppose the only complaint is they are quite cumbersome - would have prefered them to be ring binders. The books are Pattern Book, Electronic Controller Book, Knitting Machine Manual, Colour Changer Book and finally a seriously heavy hardback form computer book for use with the monitor,

Expensive machine in its day

This was a pricey machine in its day and was sold with or without a monitor but an old TV does the job and more importantly you do not even need a monitor as the consul is programmable without, An advert in the old Singer Big Nine magazine, quotes the price of 1,750 pounds (sorry French keyboard without pound sign) and that was without monitor or motor.

I have printed myself some instruction sheets for hanging up to remind me of the method of knitting – I know, I aint no young thing anymore and have that many machines now, I need written reminders and they are so handy.

9000 Form Computer Patterns

My notes are as follows

Singer 9000 Consul Instructions

Put save and display floppy disk in consul, and follow the instructions on the panel.

Choose No 3 for patterns or No 4 to knit

Again follow the instructions on the panel in each choice, if you make an error then just push stop and go panel to knit and minus the relevant rows after taking the knitting back.

Singer 9000 carriages

Quick Single Bed Cast on

Quick Cast on for single bed, using the cast on comb on the needles– needle selector buttons to down position on the back bed then push needles to position 3 and hang the comb – flow combs opposite - align the comb and raise the comb slightly to allow the passage of the carriage – then remember to hang weights.

Note – it is better to cast on before you switch on and preferably do a couple of rows with the cursors set ie 15 needles either side with the cursor hard against the cursor stop of the side you are going to knit from – the consul counts the rows. (what comes to mind is what if the pattern is the full width of the needle bed and you are unable to set the cursor stops – must investigate – this is also a problem with using the colour changer).

To stop and knit plain, press the stop/go button ie number 4 – to finish press button number 3,

Singer table motor

Singer 9000 with monitor option

To use it with a TV, switch on ie blue screen, then put the TV disk in the consul – choice of what you want to do and choose by number, Enters the design screen where you select the pattern and then select all from the drop down menu. You then use the magnifying glass to enlarge the pattern and then select all from the drop down menu.You come out of this screen and go to knit. Set the cursor from the knit screen and once this is correct you push the Stop/Go button to knit.

There are so many techniques offered with this system it would take a book to outline them all - it offers so many - slip stitch, jacquard and fairisle in many forms, intarsia, tuck and more. This was a machine that was ahead of its time when it was released.

Singer Extras

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Lovely machines. even if the electronics are shot they do wonderful ribs etc. and you can make socks on them like on a CSM (but you can join the toes on the machine if you wish) I have a couple of superbas <Singers in the UK> (3 I think inc the system 9000) and I have a motor drive, sadly the circuit board blew up and I can't find components or a replacement board to fix it. would love to get the motor running but it seems it's too beautiful to live ;)

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