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Knitting Machine Museum's Summer Update

Garter Stitch design
Garter Stitch knitwear

My latest project, a simple cut and sew garter carraige knit. I used cut and sew because I do not have the patience to shape with the garter carriage, so I knitted two squares for the front and back and 2 oblongs for the sleeves. No one should ever think that cut and sew is an easy task for those like myself who have little if any dressmaking skills, I simply frogged it based on another cardigan I did years ago.

My two points are its perhaps a little too short for my buxom figure and if I pull it around it does just about fit. I have to be honest and say it was an exercise to get my machines working again.

Whilst this was knitting I decided to tackle the task of changing the batteries in my E6000 consuls - all four of them, no mean task as it involved the dreaded soldering job again.

Passap E6000 consul battery change
Passap E6000 consul

Lucky for me, my daughter was here and was able to provide a well needed extra pair of hands wiggling the battery off whilst I tried to melt the old solder. As there were 4 of them one of the batteries was re applied by mistake and lucky for me, it was my oldest consul, still I will try another day, The worst job was on my latest consul, ie the one that runs the 4600 motor, it was more complex,. I have no idea whether my battery change worked or not, the consuls all lit up at the end of it so fingers crossed.

I should say that the leaflet from R J Croucher was a godsend, I would never have been able to do it wihout this excellent tutorial,

Brother 940 Knitting machine
Brother 940 Knitting Machine with ribber

Prior to this I had changed the capacitors on my Brother 940 - yet another soldering job and it was not a good one either but oddly enough it worked, so that should be all my Brothers changed now,. I did buy the batteries, but a stupid error on my part made me think the batteries had gone, when it was actually a programming mistake - all the years working on these machines and still I forget the procedure.

Phildar Pegboard consul
Phildar Pegboard Knitting Machine

The other news is that I rescued this Phildar from the mud at a local charity place, the electronics were saturated as were the various bits and pieces of the machinem such a shame, so I cleaned it up and plugged it in, changed a fuse but it would not select so I have laid it aside for another day. I had all it cards with it as it and the pegboard had the pegs stored safely inside. I will take a look another day 0 it only cost 20 euros so even if kept for spares it was well worth it - its a Phildar and a lovely colour,

Knittax AM3 Knitting Machine Samples
Knittax AM3 Knitting Patterns

I purchased another Knittax AM3 with ribber with everything including instruction manuals (all in French) stored safely in a purpose built suitcase,. I am sure the good condition of these machines is because they are stored so well. Best of all I came with the original pattern books with samples of the patterns. One thing did surprise me was the weight of the wool, it looked not far from double knitting - must give it a go. The Knittax is a special machine as it has a handknit finish with the most unusual patterning system ever, More info on this machine and great links on my previous blog.

I really must start to tidy up this old barn - its is just such a mess, and I miss my other half as he was able to help me move my machines around. There is so much I want to do, but have either not got the skill set ie putting up shelves etc or the physical strength . Still the best news is that my daughter at long last seems to be interested in machine knitting, and I have given her one of my precious E6000's along with a 4000 motor - she has already knitted her first jumper and a few pairs of socks so fingers again crossed that she continues.

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Mar 16

I am trying to find a contact for the Brother knitting machines. My neighbor had to be placed in a nursing home, and her family is getting rid of everything, which includes two of these machines. One is the AM3, looks like it's never been used and has all attachments, including pattern pages. The other is in a little different type of case, but same maker (I haven't looked at it yet) I just would like to see it enjoyed!

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