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Singer Magic Memory Knitting Machine

Singer Magic Memory

Singer Magic Memory Knitting Machine

Surely one of the most attractive standard gauge machines ever, its a sort of candy floss pink and full of gadgets that you feel you have to try and besides which it was probably one of the first machines to operate with electronics of a sort ie 4 batteries in a compartment and seriously it does not select the needles without these batteries. Its is has a lever selection facility and that is why I assumed wrongly that the batteries were just a marketing ploy. This machine has a lace carriage that works beautifully but the punchcards are 12 stitch and are moved by pulling a lever to move the card on. Sometimes there are needle selections and sometimes none. It has a slide lever, that you can use to move the pattern in different ways and also selection buttons with a reverse facility. There are quite a lot of quirky bits included and it gets my vote for a great knitting machine albeit a single bed 4.5 mm gauge. It comes with a pattern book and a set of heavy plastic punchcards with a variety of of tuck, slip and other patterns. It keeps me amused for a while anyway and its very well built. Note the instruction manual for this machine is now on here

Fantastic site for all thing knitting machine related manual and pattern book wise, take a look!

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