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Toyota 787 Knitting Machine

Toyota 787 Knitting Machine

Photo of Toyota 787
Toyota 787 Knitting Machine

A very heavy machine with lots of bells and whistles, not only does it have a 24 stitch punchcard, it also comes with manual 12 push button selection which does not need the help of punchcards – along with a zig zag facility you can produce some exciting designs,

With this machine you need the KR450 ribber that accommodates the Simulknit add on to allow a knitted backing on say fairisle fabrics.

Pic of Toyota 787 Advert
Toyota 787 Advert

Fabulous set of punchcards except for the lace carriage . I have a lace carriage for the Toyota and it works although it’s a bit basic when it comes to designs, you only get a couple of punchcards with it and they are nothing special. There is perhaps one other interesting feature, this machine offers and that is the auto motif facility.

This is a very heavy and complex machine and if looking for one, ensure there is no sign of rust as it is nigh on impossible to take apart unless you really know your stuff - I would never attempt this job.

I am sure that the Toyota 787 would benefit from being used, which in my case does not happen, so the propensity for it seizing up is real, however I have managed to hopefully allay that fear until the next service.

In my opinion a must have machine for the serious collector and for anyone who wants to produce.

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