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E6000 & 4000 series motors

Passap E6000 Electronic and motor information

Passap E6000

I have had a few folk asking me for advice regarding purchasing this model – this is my must have machine but it is very difficult to buy a good one if you do not know what to look out for. I decided that I would look out the bits and pieces of my four – 2 are older models with upgraded chips that allow access to a computer and 2 are the latest serial numbers that are all singing and dancing. Three of my E6000’s have the autocolour attachment and I am lucky in that I own motors for most of my electronic machines and even for my non-electronic machines. With respect the Passap E6000 I own both the 4000 and the 4600 motors with a spare motor for my 4600 that was sold to me by a specialist at that time who did not have the consul attachment or the interface that operated it.

On top of that I have a number of Duomatic 80’s and again I have a couple of the old Electra motors. I will leave the Duo’s out of this as its complex enough.