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Pine Star Knitting Machine

Picture of a Pine Star Knitting Machine
Pine Star Knitting Machine

Just taken this machine out to service it and it was no surprise that in the humid climate it did not work very well, and one thing knitting machines need is use. I have 2 Pine Star Knitting Machines with one in good condition as its been stored in its original cardboard box and the other stored just in the case. Taking them out I oiled and cleaned the needle bed then began to test the spanner mechanism. This is the bugbear of spanner machines that if not used they seize up. Good news is that it took about 5 minutes to undo the screws on the back of the bed plus remove the racking system knob.

Picture of the contents of a Pine Star Knitting Machine Toolcase
Pine Star Knitting Machine Toolcase

Tested the buttons which offer a variety of settings and realised that it was not selecting properly or not selecting at all. I brushed the plates down with a mix of surgical spirits and oil then tested again. Gave it a good brush under the buttons etc and it started to loosen up. Nice wee machine this, 200 needles and push buttons that select the needles and with a knob that racks the patterns left and right it may suit all those who relish the ownership of the plastic beds. Its a sturdy beast and pretty with it with a case full of useful tools and an attractive row counter. I have no idea if they are easily obtainable nowadays. The case is an attractive two tone green and the buttons look as though they are made of bakelite. You have to use the spanner mechanism but it has selection buttons on the carriage plus a fancy stitch size button at the back and it does holding position so easy for those who like the tuck stitch patterns. Well that's both of them sorted for another while. Should also mention that this machine does not require replacement sponge bars and this is quite a money saver in the long run,


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Sep 18, 2023

I inherited a Pine Star K153 still in box. What would it have cost when new? I am going to set it up and see what it can do. Anyone got any tips before I unpack it please?


Aug 24, 2023


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