Knitmaster 580 Electronic 

This is  fine quality electronic machine, OK so the 
electronics take some getting used to but when you do they are easy to operate and offer some unusual 
features such as pattern placement.  This model is a standard gauge with mylar sheets.  With this particular purchase a good few yeats ago,  included an Electronic Lace Carriage, Ribber, Ribber Transfer Carriage, Linker, Knit Radar 7, Intarsia Carriage, Automatic Weaving Arm, Four colour changer and last but not least the disc drive Design Controller PE1.  I then supplemented this with my favourite accessory, a

Designaknit download cable for the PE1 - couple this with a great set of manuals, I consider this a very lucky find.  


Note Knitmaster has been rebadged Silver Reed. Main difference is that the Electronic Silver Reed models have become modular but if this is your only machine, this system becomes extremely expensive.

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