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Knitmaster 302 & Ribber

Knitmaster 302 with ribber

So many thanks to Bee, her sister and her dad, for this wonderful addition - this was gifted along with the rare ribber. The history of this particular machine is outlined below, take a look as it makes very interesting reading. This model was the first knitting machine I owned way back when I was about 20 and believe me that is a long time ago. I remember buying it on HP from a shop in Dundee and I thought it was the greatest wee machine. Unfortunately it did not have the ribber.

I knitted so much for the family’s kids along with my Sister in Law Anne who has now sadly passed.We had such fun on this model.

I swopped a 321 punch card for the one that I now owned way back in the 80’s and I remember that the pattern cards for this machine were missing – I managed to buy a set from David Drummond of Edinburgh and they cost me a fortune,