Toyota 747 Punchcard


This Toyota KS747 was given to me in good condition workwise -  but the case was discoloured and cracked thru bad packing - it works fine - first punchcard type with selection lever - it is a 12 st punchcard and knits a varity of other stitches ie tuck and it has weaving brushes.  I have three instruction books including one for an unusual punch machine (not in my possession unfortunately).  I thought it would be a difficult machine to work with but it is not.  It would have been similar to most of its ilk in its day.   The books are well written and were supplemented by a small pattern book and note this the machine included a pattern book holder. 


The older machines were certainly well equipped.  This Toyota was manufactured by the Japanese company Aisin Seiki   One thing I must mention is that if you are were someone who liked to do their own thing, then these older machines with a great deal of selection options must have offered up all sorts of possibilities.

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