Knitmaster 4500 

Maroon Knitmaster - pretty ancient but used to knit smoothly enough - oiled but not tested as couple of needles a bit suspect and its too complicated to change them, update, the good news is that I have just been  given another of these machines and this one is in very good condition and knits like a dream - it was owned by my friend's mother and has been well looked after - these machines present a hand knitted look and and work on the basis of intarsia, ie the yarn is hand laid across the bed - this gives you the ability to knit two pieces at the same time.  I have two excellent ribbers for these old Knitmasters but they seem to require a yarn carrier, I did have a model with a this, but it has gone to the great scrapyard in the sky as it was well beyond repair.  There will be a way to operate these ribbers without one - just takes time to fathom. Update, I have now discovered that a special bracket is required to attach the ribber and fortunately I had one from a previous old carriage. 


New addition to the above, I now have a Jac 40 for this machine which has an unusual gauge - so this little gadget allows you to knit many patterns with ease or at least with ease when you consider the alternative, even I was able to do a wee bit of fairisle.  Another great donation to the knitting machine museum.

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