Knitmaster 321 Range

Knitmasters 321, 323 & 324

The 321 was the first punchcard released by Knitmaster after the 302 card machine and I should know cause it was my first brand new machine and I knitted loads on it - most are servicable but the us usual the colour is a ghastly nicotine yellow - update on this range, I recently acquired yet another - the last of this range the 324.  The 323 and 324 models started to offer the single patterning facility with motif cams and yarn separators. This range of machines did not knit lace but did offer the new thing on the block at the time, punchlace or threadlace.  At that time I used dreadful scratch stuff as the invisible thread and it was ghastly. Nowadays most knitters use a thin industrial of a similar colour.

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