Brother 710 Pushbutton


The Jones/Brother 710 was the first of the new look Jones/Brother machines with a fantastic lace carriage.  A friend of mine from our now defunct knitting machine club in Strathtay was a serious expert on this machine and knitted the most beautiful baby shawls - put me to shame that did,  with all my electronic wizadry upstaged by the usual - an expert machine knitter who knew her stuff on her machine.  The 710,  I have is now in excellent condition tho the original bed was water damaged, I did manage to find another and it knits beautifully.  It is a push button machine very similar to its predecessor the Jones 510 - it has a lever that when set with the push buttons will select the needles in the sequence required.  It never ceases to amaze me that these old machine all work wonderfully after a bit of TLC.

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