Toyota 950 Punchcard


I bought the Toyota 950 which is a 24 stitch punchcard machine as the Simulknit Facility intrigued me.  The ribber that was had this built in was the 506.  Unfortunately, I dropped the ribber carriage during my first club demo and damaged the left hand cam, it took me years but its now replaced  It transfers lace in a similar style to the knitmaster lace carriages, it knits and transfers lace at the same time, not my favourite method, it is very fast with basic lace but not so hot with fashion lace as you have to remove the yarn to transfer the stitches (similar to the Knitmasters).  It is a medium quality standard gauge 24 stitch punchcard machine with good instruction manuals and was the last machine produced with the Toyota badge, I feel the Toyota 901 and the Toyota 787 were far superior models both in style and quality.  This Toyota model qualifies one of my most expensive purchases.

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