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Pine Star K153 Knitting Machine

Pine Star Knitting Machine

My Pine Star purrs like a pussycat

My enthusiasm for this little machine knows no bounds. It is the sweetest knitting machine ever. It is a push button machine with a spanner and a dial that moves the selection across the bed. Unfortunately these types of push-button and spanner selectors must be used or they seize up with old grease.

Pine Star Tool Kit

Smart Tool Case

It has an incredible tool case and actually purrs when it knits. It must have cost a fortune to produce – they tool case is still filled with stuff, including spare needles.

Very impressed with this little machine, it’s so easy to knit with and it knits tuck stitch like a dream. The pattern books are comprehensive and easy to understand, I especially like the fact when set up – it must be the easiest machine known when knitting 4 row tuck.

4 Row Tuck Stitch

Bakelite Carriage Buttons

The carriage buttons look like Bakelite and are all coloured differently and it has side cams that automatically cancel the outside red buttons. Another thing is that this machine does not need weights and it has a metal needle retainer that of course means no sponge bar carry on, (I swear knitting machine manufacturers invented the sponge bar as a way of making loads of money, funny how no one has come up with a substitute.)

Patterns Galore

It has to be one of the most attractive machines going though its fading a bit now and I am extremely lucky to own 2 of them both bought in succession. If you want an easy to operate machine with a 200-needle bed – and you insist on vintage, this is one of the machines that when in good condition, actually works.



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