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Punch Lace on the Knitmaster 155

Punch Lace on the KnitMmaster 155 chunky knitting machine

I bought a cone of a beautiful multi coloured yarn for my sock machine, however it was way too thick but I just loved the colour - worse still I only bought 200 gm of a non repeatable yarn - so what could I do with it. I knew it needed a mid -gauge to chunky gauge machine and I tried it on my Pingouins but they would not look at it, next out came the Brother KX395 and of course it knitted easily - next I thought I may as well give the Zippy 90 a run but again as per the Brother knitting anything other than plain was too much hassle for this lazy so and so.

By this time, I had a long soft scarf thanks to to the Zippy 90 so I thought what if I folded the scarf over at the ends to produce pockets that I could tuck my hands into then...after trying it on I wondered if I could knit a back to make it into a waistcoat - ye gods my brain never stops!

By this time I had packed away the other machines so I knitted the back on my Knitmaster 155, with a trial and error count and produced a bit of knitting that I had decided to use vertically, and this I sewed together to get the waistcoat effect. So far so good, how to close it I wondered and came up with a few cords for this and decoration.

I just love this colour of yarn and it was so soft. I had a bit left so the next job was to consider what it would look like as punch lace using a cone of Bramwell 4 ply green as the secondary colour and I used card one and liked woven effect. The problem with this was the green side curled. I then thought about making a sort of hood in the middle of the scarf and leaving the ends loose as a sort of short scarf - this looked fine. To ensure the ends of the scarf lay a flat hand knitted a few rows of garter stitch.


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