Knitmaster 700 Punchcard 

24 Stitch Punch card machine with optional lace carriage. Includes a built in Knit Radar facility, and boasts a Master Glide carriage.  At this stage, most knitting machines offered the ability to pattern using, tuck stitch, fairisle, slip stitch, tuck lace, plating, weaving, intarsia, punch lace, stocking stitch and single motif - quite an impressive list - what more could we want.  I have most of the accessories for this machine eg. ribber,  charts, lace carriage, rib transfer carriage  linker, intarsia carriage (these attachments work on most standard gauge punch cards by Knitmaster and as with all Knitmasters,  it knits beautifully and this machine knits intarsia automatically ie the main carriage sets the needles. Good machine to own.

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