Knitmaster 302 Pushbutton

This was the one of first models I bought new - this one has never been used so I gave it a good oil and worked with it - the pattern cards are easy to operate and the lace type tuck stitch would have been  impressive in its day - the machine cost me nowt but the missing pattern cards cost a fortune - I photocopied a book that someone loaned me - note the Fairisle stuff knits in a similar way to intarsia ie the second yarn is laid across the selected needles - the needles work in the c position and as per most Knitmasters you would not know what the pattern is until you actually knit it - the beauty of this machine is the texture of the knitting ie the tucks look hand knitted - this is one of my special golden oldies and I would not part with it.  The lacey settings have to be seen to be believed.

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