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Knitmaster ES302

Knitmaster ES302 Knitting Machine

Knimtaster ES302

A fine wee machine and in good condition, I do not have an original manual for this but there are plenty available to download on the web. There are sites that offer the manual for free download - so now't but good news there. The ES302 was the first machine I ever owned way back then and its a well built model. It knits with ease, and has selection buttons and switches that cover most techniques though funny thing is - it calls tuck stitch “pick” for some unknown reason. The patterning system works with a set of supplied pattern cards for fair-isle or two colour patterns where the 2nd colour has to be laid across the bed and knitted in. (Great for intarsia lovers).

KM 302 Cast on Wires

Unuusal Cast on wires

With this machine there were a set of supplementary cards for a lace type techniques (with spaces between the needles) and its very effective - it uses a selection of needles in and out of working position. I have the Knitmaster weaving accessory for this machines and I was able to download a pattern book for this as well. The weaving is easy and effective. This particular model came with an unusual feature, a set of cast on wires, very handy and they make casting on a breeze! This must have been one of the first of this models released as I do not see any mention of these wires in later models of the ES 302. Impressive machine and would have been innovative in its day. I believe there is a ribber available as well though I do not own one. There are 93 stitch patterns included in the original card set – plenty to be going on with.

Knitmaster 302 Carriage

Another Look

I took it out again this week to have another look, amazing what facebook forums do for you, they give you inspiration – the ES302 is a tiny machine compared to the later models – it may be a compact machine however it still has 200 needles and its still a 4.5 standard gauge. The cards or patterns (just for referral – ie not punchcards) are now available from the usual sources – must admit it’s a sweet knitter – purrs like a pussy cat when using. You know my problems re my shed ie humidity – yet after taking this out for another run, simply oiling it –away it goes. This machine has a sponge bar and probably will need this renewing should you be able to buy the 302. I can imagine someone if they are able to purchase this will have a lot of fun trying out the various stitch types and patterns it offers. The best news of all, it’s a vintage machine that is easy to knit with and takes up to 4 ply yarn with ease and I just love the ease of using the weaving accessory.


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Jan 13

Hi Many thanks for your very informative site.

Is it possible to knit intarsia without a separate intarsia carriage? Would I just take the yarn out of the main carriage and knit across the laid yarns? Any advice would be great.

Mar 21
Replying to

How you do intarsia on singer 888. Knitting machine it's the same as yours you normal knit first and knit back to left side then put knit in at the back of knitter on knit in then knit across then pick your colours and lay them in first from right side then press knit in at front of machine and knit it turns out better than intarsia carriage

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