Knitmaster 155 Professional 

This is the only heavy duty chunky I own along with a Knitmaster 155 ribber.  A good machine but only a 12 st punch card - however I want it for mohair and unusual yarns and I use it for Shetland so that I can felt it later,  Knitted a jersey  in a heavy Arran type yarn - its knits smoothly and easily when you get used to it - the ribber was a disaster until I realised that you must do the first row on Stitch Size one and  not as suggested on the R setting - it does not like tight stitches and refuses to operate - unfortunately by the time I got the hang of it I had hand-knitted the ribs - note I used Designaknit to design a gilet - entered in the correct size but did not take into account the  seam allowance and it ended up too tight a fit - ah  well, you live and learn (the hard way)

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