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Vogue Knitting Machine

Vogue Knitting Machine

Vogue with Magic 5 Step Device Circa 1953

These are the most attractive machines ever; firstly they are encased in a sort of leather look fabric and are made of stainless steel. I have 2 of these machines and the first one is stainless steel bed and the 2nd seems to have a coating of some sort that dulls the look. They are well packed with extra stuff and certainly look the part.

Now to the most important part ie the knitting. These machines are seriously good quality and must have cost a bomb to manufacture. I had to do some serious cleaning to get them back to a reasonable state as this shed aint the best place for storage, however, once done I put the machine together and here are my observations. The books are basic and do not give nearly enough instruction on how to assemble but experience pays and I was able eventually to get the thing together, The worse part is the carriage which not only accommodates the handle but also the fabric press, and the yarn guide.

It’s a nice light machine and this goes for most machines of this age and it would be grand for