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Brother 395X and similar knitting machines

Carriage of a Brother Convertible Knitting Machine
Brother Convertible Knitting Machine

The type of machine I have never looked indepth with are the plastic brigade and looking online recently I was surprised to see the prices of these at a shocking level.  I thought I would check my stash of plastics, rarely ever sought after by me but most came as a package that is apart from one – the Bond Classic and I thank this machine for giving me the impetus to start machine knitting again after many years of not even thinking about them. The other plastic machines I have are  the Knitmaster Hobby and a Singer Big Nine.  Both Knitmasters have a fine selection of books to help with the process but spare needles are unavailable as far as I can see.  A description of all these machines is given on my website.

Carriage and book of the Knitmaster Hobby Knitting Machine
Knitmaster Hobby Knitting Machine

The Bond I bought new and proceeded to knit up a few things, and that got me into spinning my own yarn, this came about after a holiday in the Lake District,  I took a course to find out how to do this and bought a spinning wheel along with all of the necessary gear.  Living in Scotland, fleeces were reasonably easy to attain so I produced a few ounces of home spun every now and then plus all the other bits of various yarns I had bought along with the spinning wheel.  The Bond handles this admirably. 


Carraige of the Bond Classic Knitting Machine
Bond Classic Knitting Machine

The machine that started this latest thought process was the prices of the plastic Brother convertible,  When I first tried out he KXS390 it was a smooth going machine but in my opinion, pretty basic.  I can never understand why one would pay the amount of money I see on Ebay and Facebook etc for this machine but that's life.  To add to that I have the Zippy 90 and again a smart wee machine but again so basic.  I must note that I can find no spares needles for any of these machines .




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Mar 30
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I have Brother KX395, Brother KX350,Singer LK100, Silver Reed LK150. You can use the same needles as Silver Reed LK150 to all of them and also the spongestrip. I also have Bond ISM, but the needles to that machine is diffrent.

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