Singer MemoMatics


Singer Memomatic 2400


Super looking 24 stitch punchcard machine in eyecatching green and ivory,  I now have 2 of them - must confess the needle beds on these machines beds tend to be a bit pitted but they work fine - both of these newly acquired machines have lace carriages and both look as tho they have never been used - of  particular note is the wonderful yarn carriers supplied with these models.  Excellent books for all models.

Singer Memomatic 2600

This one came with a brand new ribber that will fit the rest and an added bonus - a ancient colour changer - have now tested and it works well the difference is that it does single motif work with the use of cams which attach to the front of the needle bed, these Singers have patterning mechanism on top of carriage which runs beautifully, selects needles ie similar to the Brother, but does not have the cam belt running along the back of the machine.  The lace carriage works from both sides like the Brother,  but the patterning mechanism reminds me of the Knitmaster, earlier versions came in lovely colours. Note Australian Singers are the same as Knitmasters.

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