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Pfaff Duomatic 80 and Motors

Pfaff Duomatic 80 full bed pic

Setting up the Duomatic 80 and motors

Tried to set up the Duo 80 with the 4000 motor and autocolour. Initially the motor ran fine without using the colour changer and I knitted a couple of pairs of socks for my next door neighbour without a problem - however I did have a hassle setting up the Autocolour to run smoothly and eventually solved the problem by moving the motor, however after that the motor just would not run – it started to move the carriage, juddered then came to a halt almost as if the belt was loose and unable to move the lock, so I tightened the belt but still no joy. The hassle of moving machines back and forward in my tight space is unbelievable, so I decided rather than muck about with electrics etc, I would change the stand and motor on my Duomatic to the normal old stand with an old 3000 motor – this is the later version of the 75 motor and is an old workhorse.

Not being as young and fit as I used to be, I eventually managed to put the stand up and dragged the old motor out of storage and set it up. So far so good.

Pfaff Duomatic 80 Lock

Next to try out the old 3000 Electra

Its funny to say this but putting a machine on the old Duo stands is nowhere near as stressful as taking out a Passap E6000 table and putting it together – these damn tables were sent to try your patience. The 4000 motor is so much lighter than the old ones though. Still with the new table type for the Passap E6000 you have to get into hellish positions to get this machine and table together. When you have done this and got it up and running its no laughing matter when you have to admit defeat and take the whole thing apart again, store it and the motor and then begin again.

Passap Duo 80 Punchcards

Duomatic Table

It took me no longer than an hour to set up the whole thing again with the more simplified Duomatic table, then I had to struggle to get the old motor out of storage, clean it up and set it up. Much easier motor to set up once you get it on the stand – I had a problem with the stops on this motor but a pair of pliers sorted this out eventually along with a bit of cursing.

Now I have this machine up with an old 4 colour changer – the quality of the old Duomatics fittings leave the E6000 standing, the masts are far superior – and made to last - have a handy pattern holder and the yarn separators are high quality steel as opposed to that damned plastic stuff that falls to bits if you look at it the wrong way – it makes me wonder why they changed the design of the masts, they were so good. When I think about it, it was probably to hide the electric wires of the E6000 but oh how I hate those plastic yarn separators and cups - you always seem to bang into them no matter how careful you are..

So I now have my Pfaff Duomatic set up with the old motor – and the next thing is to set up the deco unit and that should be easy enough. I have about 4 deco units and they are all in good condition along with a huge box of Passap punchcards, where I ask myself did I get all this stuff.

Pfaff Duomatic 80 2 colour punchcard pattern

Testing the Deco and Autocolour with the 4000 motor

I already had the whole thing set up with the 4000 motor and hence the pics with all deco attached. Some of the fabrics you can produce with this machine are pretty fantastic and the couple of designs I used from the stash of punchcards I had, were knitted with 4 ply yarns and they could easily have passed as carpets.

Must admit one thing, the old motors are good because they have foot pedals and I do admit that you get used to knitting without a foot pedal but when trouble comes along its so much easier to lift the foot than make a dash for the stop button, that said of course the 4600 motor for instance has the special attachments that stop the motor automatically when trouble looms. If for instance with the old motor. 2 of the feeding eyelets come up at once - then you need to be quick to prevent a crash.

Punchcard for cats

Old style Duo tables are easy to setup

By the way, I had absolutely no problem putting up the Duomatic table - I had taped all the pieces together before I put it away and it took me no time at all to set it up, I turned the table upside down to tighten the middle bolt a bit then placed the legs in their places and finished off the job. I also left the motor attachment piece on when it was stored away.

Passap Deco


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