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Turmix SV 577

Turmix SV 577

A new addition to the Museum Collection and this is a pretty machine – the bed is made of a metal base with polyamide segments – very similar to the Passaps. Unusual thing about this machine is that it’s a 6 mm gauge. It has a needle retaining spring – a very basic knitting machine perhaps similar to the Hobby machines of the 80’s and 90’s. It came with a load of patterns especially for the 577 plus some original letters to the purchaser of the day, outlining contract details and boy were they onerous.

The letters were dated in December 1958 and the company at that time was Longel Limited of one Maddox Street, London W1 (I note the company had 25 lines for their telephone so busy business.

Contract Knitting

The knitting had to be strictly according to their instructions. Finished garments should be delivered within 4 weeks of receipt of their knitting order – after that period our order is no longer valid – it is essential that the knitting order slip should accompany the garments

The lady had submitted 2 garments and a credit note was issued. The letter also stated that attention should be drawn to

The ribbing – great care must be taken to pick up the complete stitches and not split the wool.

Edge stitches – to improve your edge stitches we would suggest that you tighten the braking discs of the wool feeder slightly to ensure an even flow of wool.

Turmix 577 stitch patterns


Please note that style 12a and 13a have now been discontinued and we are unable to accept further garments of this kind. They then attached a pattern of a baby’s jumper with fairisle across the top as the new pattern and would she please apply to us together with your remittance for the amount of wool required. The client had to buy the wool at a price in those days of 1/8d per ounce

It finished by saying payments of instalments due to the finance company had to be up to date or else no knitting orders would be issued. I note there is no mention of price paid for the work..

The knitting of these patterns, which included fairisle, must have been pretty tedious with this machine.

Turmix 577 pattern leaflets

Cleaning and Oiling

Cleaning and oiling the Turmix was reasonably easy, there was one needles with a faulty latch but that apart it knitted smoothly – after the cast on hassle. This machine is similar to the Knitmasters with a sort of hooked plastic that catches the yarn – so theoretically there is no weight required – I found that I did have to pull the knitting down a bit though. There are two metal screws on the back that fix the cams and this is for fairisle – the only other thing on the carriage is a white knob that you pull up to do a free pass. As it has a holding position – tuck is possible. The needles are very similar to the Passaps but slightly longer with a larger hook.

turmix 577 stitch pattern

The mock garter stitch pattern interested me, so I gave it a try and it was simple, just pull out the left fairisle screw, and turn the tension down to 3 - then after the first row, put up the tension to 7 and continue to knit...dunno what it did but this is the pattern produced. Forgive the dropped stitches at the top, going way too fast.

Included with the Turmix - a wonderful set of pattern leaflets - all from the 1950's. A real treasure trove. All in all another great addition to the collection.

Many thanks to all involved in getting this machine to me, including Val and Cecil Turner who donated the machine, and Phyl Stott for arranging it and finally Maggs and Alan Whately for bringing over to Brittany.


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