Knitmaster 500 Electronic 

I bought this machine at a car boot sale for only £5 and could not believe the price ie too good to be true and of course it was as it did not work, that is to say the electronics were not working, it would not read a pattern etc, however that said and done at £5.00 to me anyway, it was the bargain of the century as it provides me with loads of spares ie needles, mylar sheets and tools for my Knitmaster 580 so I have nothing to complain about on that score,  It was however,  the first electronic knitmaster and is very similar to what we are presented with today at a lot more cost by Silver Reed.  

I later discovered that the curly cable was faulty and it did indeed work, apart from the integral Knit Radar that is - still an attractive machine that was the first Electronic sold by Knitmaster.

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