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Knittax AM3 Knitting Machine with Ribber

The Knittax AM3 Knitting Machine also know as the Knitking AM3 with co-ordinated ribber

Another rare machine to add to my growing collection.

Knittax AM3 with ribber

I have managed to buy one of these fascinating machines here in Brittany. It’s an unusual machine with pattern wheels to do the patterning,

It came in a rather battered long suitcase – I wonder if I can repair it, it has a split in the lid, but these cases usually keep these machines in great condition.

After giving it the usual clean and oil and despite lying in a case for many years, it knitted very easily. Of course there was the usual operator error, I did not notice the lever on the side of the carriage was engaged and it did not knit – however after testing to ensure all the cams and moving parts were working, I tried again and off I went. This is one unusual machine and I have been tryin