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Orions 220 and 360

Orion 220 6 mm gauge

This Orion 220 Single Bed

The Orion 220 single bed is more my cup of tea – it’s a moveable sinker post system and it is a 6 mm gauge with 220 needles. Casting on is a breeze, I just ewrapped around the sinkers and off it went – despite not being used for a number of years and simply oiled and cleaned. What I do like about this machine are the good quality needles – although the problem is they will be scarce and a good few are missing at either end. Tuck stitch is a simple affair – I suppose it would have been originally supplied with stitch selecting rulers. I moved the needles out to holding position and it knitted 4 rows then knitted back without a second thought.

Orion 220 carriage

6 mm Gauge and 220 needles

This machine is missing its yarn holder but I laid the yarn across the needles and it knitted easily. The good thing about these types of machine is that you can knit 2 pieces at once by laying across via 2 different yarns. A friend of mine from times past used to use his Knitmaster this way, and knitted socks in the main. Do like this particular machine for its ease of knitting, there are several slip buttons on the carriage and a slider at the back – I do not have an instruction manual – to my mind its similar to the old maroon Knitmasters but so much better quality. (Well let’s say, compared to the few that I own). The length of the bed would be good to produce wide material using the tuck stitch settings. Come to think of it, perhaps it would also be good for intarsia – if only I had the patience!

Orion 360 Double bed

Orion 360 double bed

I own 2 of these machines – one is the Orion double bed 360 and this machine is a basic double bed machine which is useful if you like a simple ribber and the patterns that ensue – it knits most tuck stitch double bed patterns with ease and it’s a 5 mm gauge. The instruction manual for this machine is available on the It has 180 needles on each bed. Just cleaned and oiled and operated it, and it knits without problem. There are a number of needles missing on each bed and it is very well used.


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