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Sock Machine hack

Golden Fleece Sock Machine
Golden Fleece Sock Machine

Its getting near that time of year when I will begin knitting socks on my beloved Golden Fleece sock machine. However there are some features of these machines that require contortionist movements so I had seen recently a bar stool that had sturdy metal legs and more importantly it rotated. It was expensive for what it was ie about 48 euros, however it got me thinking so I bought it and added a couple of extras and I am pleased to say it works so much easier. I began by replacing the normal yarn stand with a Passap stand, and ok so it aint too pretty but it does the job so much better.

A while ago whilst thinking about then dismissing the idea of youtube videos as my wifi signal here is not too hot I bought a light with a phone stand. The usb light has a couple of settings that allow daylight etc etc so I used the strong metal clamp to attach it to the stool and also screwed down the plate that held the tension stand onto the stool. So far so good - next job was to attach the sock machine to the stool and to do this I also for extra security decided to add a piece of wood under the attachments.

Finally there was a handy sort of circular bar to ensure the stool did not tip so I added a plastic basin to hold my odds and sods ie ribber etc etc. So now when it comes to those awkward bits ie picking up sttiches from the back, I simply rotate the stool and I can rotate it higher or lower - so pleased with this fix that I may be tempted to go bak and buy the other one for my hague linker.


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Feb 18

Hervorragend, ich hab ein altes Nähmaschinengestell. die Hockerlösung ist besser. Bequemer zum Arbeiten weil die Maschine niedriger steht.


Oct 25, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

great idea for a machine table

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