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Knittax AM3 Knitting Machine Tool Box

Knittax AM3 Knitting Machine Pattern Wheels
Knittax Knitting Machine Pattern Wheels

This is a photo of the Knittax AM3 full set of pattern wheels. These wheels are clever devices that clip in under the carriage and select needles as per the diagram here,.

Knittax AM3 Knitting Machine Wool Winder
Knittax Knitting Machine Wool Winder

This is a pic of the wonderful wool winder that was included with two of my machines, its a simple but clever device and the last machine included a spare rubber belt.

Knittax AM3 Knitting Machine Needle Pusher
Knittax AM3 Knitting Machine Needle Pusher

This curious little gadget had me wondering what on earth it was for and it had absolutely no instructions or indeed even a mention apart from a pic in the manual. I then began to realise that perhaps it was some sort of a pusher type tool after looking closely at the shape and indeed that was it - it places the needles in either holding position or working position - handy when the working position is slightly higher that the norm on most machines, I will show a selection of pictures of various other bits and pieces that come with this machine under this blog.

Knittax AM3 Knitting Machine Carriage
Knittax AM3 Knitting Machine Carriage

The Knittax AM3 has several buttons and a slide lever and it would take some time to know what they all do precisely, however the top button does push down to select the needles when the patterning wheels are engaged and this button also actos like a racking handle ie the selected needles are set one position further the higher the number, this is a good and easy patterning feature, There is a side lever, and also 4 buttons on the front, the 2 inside buttons bring the needles back into play ie for instance tuck stitch, 3 passes then click the button and it will bring

the needles into working position for the next round of tucks, fascinating stuff, Now the outside buttons are extremely stiff but these buttons just push straight through the back, and even though they may feel stiff they will probably loosen up with use, I have added the one pattern card that came with the machine to let you see how the patterns work for this particular feature -

The card is in German and I notice on the web there is a German company that sells sets of the pattern wheels and spares however I have no idea if they post outside Germany, just type in Knittax AM3 spares and it should come up,

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