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Racking on the Passaps

Passap Racking Pattern Error

Passap Duo 80 Knitting Machine

Another project I decided to tackle a while ago was a superb racked pattern by one of my favourite designers Renee Marston - it was a Passap pattern and I had knitted this summer top many times before without any problem whatsoever, but this time the fabric came out pleated as opposed to an open lace effect - reason, well my needle spacing was correct, the tension was fine, however, she said rack to the left 2 rows, then rack to the right , 2 rows - well I followed the instructions or so I thought - knitted the back and front - but I landed up with a pleated fabric - but not the light lacy pattern that it was supposed to be - and why, I racked to the right 2 rows, then racked to the left 2 rows - my other half always said I did not know my right from my left and it look like he was "right".

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