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Soon be home from Australia.

Not too long to go before I am back


Nothing much to report from beautiful Townsville in Queensland, Australia re machine knitting, (not surprisingly) especially when you experience the high temperatures here. I love visiting my son and family but I miss my knitting machines- however, it won't be long before I return, having missed most but not all of the miserable Breton winter. It looks as though its been raining non stop - just hope my precious stuff in the knitting shed is still dry and in good condition.

Collecting and storing knitting machines

Collecting and storing vintage machines aint for the faint hearted, I can confirm that in no uncertain terms. Keeping my shed mouse free is one of the many problems I face on a daily basis and of course with yarn especially older stuff there is the constant moth problem. The humidity in Brittany also means a constant battle against rust. All that said and done, I still love 'em all.