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Craft Magazines a Plenty

At last the sun has come out and the barn is beginning to warm up a bit so I decided to try to organise my collection of craft and sewing magazines - some date from the 1950’s on. Many of them still have the original embroidery transfers within - most look as though they have never been opened. The one that interested me was a sewing magazine with an embroidery transfer plus embroidered pictures of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation - co-incidentally King Charles Coronation happens on this Saturday (6th May 2023). How did I land up with these - well my sisters and I were at a jumble sale and my sister bought a huge box of them for me.

Try as I might though, there are hardly any adverts for knitting machines in either the knitting machine orientated magazines or in the sewing magazines, so strange. I did however come across an interesting piece describing sewing machines of the day and part 2 of the feature even included the models and prices.