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The Knitting Shed

I wanted to say a few words that were on the home page – namely do not forget to check out youtube for loads of stuff re knitting machines including videos on how to cast on to get you started – note most domestic knitting machines are similar in the way they cast on, just look for single or double bed. If you need instruction manuals take a look at this the this site, it has manuals from many machines plus pattern books – I just love it – however, please note – I do not copy or supply instruction manuals, this is yet another good reason to post on the forum, someone, somewhere, may be able to help.

Another fantastic platform I have found is pinterest – I thought this was just a photo app and joined it with trepidation, but now I know different. It looks at my searches and uploads stuff that interests me, it seriously shows you why you should explore machine knitting – it’s a fantastic hobby with so much you can do, i.e. not just woollen jumpers.