Passap Picto Intarsia Carriage

Decided to try the Passap Picto Intarsia Carriage out as I had taken a shine to a pattern in one of my old MKN magazines. It was a full size wrap in a sort of tartan style intarsia. So I set up the Passap and then found the Picto (unfortunately without any instructions) and began. It looked simple enough, but probably the most flimsy Passap accessory ever manufactured. It has a number of unusual features, an inbuilt row counter, a set of 2nd bed needle covers with the needle numbers printed on them (very handy for counting out the stitches), and finally a switch which you lift up so that on your final row, you can with the yarn in, return the needles to working position. The downside is that because you only have a narrow space on the Passap bed when dropped, it is difficult to lay the yarns across. Worse part was the fitting of it onto the bed, and the row counter - not the easiest thing - this fitted onto the rear rail - I then tested it with a roughly 3 ply Shetland yarn and it worked very well knitting wise but I had difficulty with yarn tangling when using more than one colour. In saying that, as you will gather, I am not the most patient of machine knitters and this particular garment had well over a 1000 rows - and it soon became clear to me that there was no way ever I was going to knit this one.

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