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Knitmasters 100, 230 & 250

Knitmaster 250

These machines offered an optional extra of a needle selector carriage which was billed as an ingenious time saving device for with a built in memory. The worse thing about this device was that it only worked from right to left so any ideas I had about speedy selection were blown out of the water, The leaflet I have promoting this machine headlines that it is a machine that is capable of knitting thick yarns such as triple knit, chunky and aran up to adult size - it offered 180 needles and a stitch dial that had 14 tensions,they all had superb full colour books with the "One hour guide to instant knitting included" plus fine full colour stitch pattern books. I initially had a problem with these machines as I thought all the stitch size regulators were damaged but it turned out to be a different type of dial than what I had been used ie instead of turning the actual dial to set a stitch size you turn the extending leg, so simple - silly me...This is one set of machines that I have not had out for a long long time and it will be my next project. So watch this space.

Pattern Books
Knitmaster 100
Knitmaster Neeedle Selector
Knitmaster 100 pattern book

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