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Knitmaster 4500 knitting machine

What kind of knitting machine...

What kind of knitting machine do you advise me to buy or what can I do with this machine as it does not work! I decided to write this because of the many inquiries I receive asking for advice on what to look for when buying a knitting machine or perhaps advice regarding the recent purchase of a knitting machine.

Knitting machines are still easily available and most are still good workhorses. One of the very first things I do when I have purchased a knitting machine (usually a vintage model in my case) is to give it a good clean. I use 9 parts surgical spirit and one part of preferably Bellodor oil (ie a mineral oil especially for Passap knitting machines). I strip the needles out of the machine and soak them in a jam jar filled with the above mix. Give it a good shake and you will be surprised how much dirt appears. Some machines are seized up because of emulsified oil ie a mix of oil and damp. By the way when buying a machine please do examine it closely, it should always have an instruction manual which should give a run down of what ought to be included. I am not going to go into this because there are so many variations of what should be there. I will concentrate on the most popular Japanese standard gauge machines.