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Designaknit Cables & My Passap E6000 Knitting Machine

Passap E6000 with 4600 Motor Knitting Machine

Having more time on my hands than usual, the knitting machine shed has been the subject of a good clear out. What I need to do now is to get myself into gear with doing some actual knitting, I’m great at playing around, looking up patterns, thinking about things, but actually knitting, now there’s the thing. I have plenty to do and the ambition but I just do not seem to be able to actually get started. I fired up the Designaknit, oiled and cleaned my Passap, then realised that I had to find the bits and pieces required to use the computer and PC. No problem with the magnets, sorted out the Autocolour and connected it to the consul and motor, then I once I had placed the leads into position I suddenly realised that its a while since I downloaded a pattern from the PC – and I had lost an important connection ie the USB /serial port connector and my latest computer does not have the required serial port connection, so no serial port, no connection to the Passap. I have searched and searched but can I find it –well no chance, my shed it’s the worst place in the world to lose anything – take my word for it – so I looked up Designaknit on the web and discovered it gonna take an arm and a leg to replace it – I will have to have an in-depth think about how to proceed. First thoughts are to just use what I have and that’s not too bad an idea, after all I have so many in-built patterns in the Passap’s memory, next I considered what to knit, so looked toward my old Model books for some inspiration, ie more time wasted. So at present that’s what I am doing at this time of night and hopefully tomorrow I will actually start to knit – that is once I have checked my yarn stocks, chosen the yarn, knitted a test square, thought about a form computer program etc etc, ie watch this space…by the way, I eventually found my USB connector - it was still attached to my Brother 940 cable. It has to be age...

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