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Polo Neck by Doris Paice

Polo neck industrial rib sweater by Doris Paice knitted on the Passaps

Now its getting chilly here in Brittany in late November and this is the time of year I knit myself my annual heavy polo neck jumper – the reason for this is that I am unable to wear wool – even the softest fibres irritate my skin especially my neck which goes an attractive shade of beetroot. The colours below are mustard, navy and white.

Industrial Yarns

Industrial Yarns

I have an enormous stock of industrial yarns - of every description and in reality this is what I use the most when knitting anything. About 5 years ago I spotted some yarns being sold in a charity shop in Brittany and went in (who wouldn't) and after browsing through some of the huge cones, I was asked if I was interested in taking it all away for 70 euros, well what could I do but say yes. This was a huge mix of stuff and some of it very old but when knitted up and washed, most of its top stuff - wool, cotton, linen, acrylics - you name it and I have it but unfortunately in single cones and being the lazy so and so I am I usually mix it rather than put it onto separate cones The largest amount of yarn I have is single ply cotton, I could sell the stuff and its on enormous cones - I wonder what they used it for - I think most of this yarn came from a knitwear factory.

Why I like this design

Now back to the polo - the pattern I love is by Doris Paice of New Zealand and its from one of my old Duet books Winter 1991 issue number 9. I particularly like this design because the polo neckline is incorporated as you go – the garment is knitted in industrial 2 by one rib.


I knit this on my Passap with my motor and use a mix of the too many fine industrial that I have, some of the results of the combinations of colours are hilarious but hey I never said I was a designer – however, I quite like this mix so I will wear it, its exceptionally soft and comfortable – just ideal to go under my wool jerseys and jackets.

Designer Doris Paice

Doris Paice states that the original size is close fitting and if you want to go up a size she recommends going up a srand of yarn and in my case this is necessary. Another addition to the original pattern is that I have made it about 30 rows longer. The ribs of the jersey and the ends of the sleeves are knitted at a tighter tension that the rest and to be honest its one of the most comfortable designs I knit hence my pattern is scrawled over in red ink and explanations as to how the neckline is incorporated are scrawled all over the page.

Duet International Books

I note the Duet books are available now for free download on my well recommended site, - my testament to this site is that I no longer have to look up the name – says it all with my memory!

I have tried to find out more about this designer but have not had any luck but this is one fine design.



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