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Doing a little tuition

Welcome Carol

Knitmaster 360 punchcard

Had a welcome visitor this month from Carol who travelled all the way from the south west of France to gain some more information on knitting machines. She stayed four days and was interested in all machine types and especially electronic machines I had set up a basic punchcard machine with an inbuilt pattern centre ie the Knitmaster 360. I really wanted to show that punchcard machines have so many good points and can do virtually everything that an electronic can do but with restricted pattern width. Ok so the Brothers have their garter carriage option, but the Knitmasters have some unusual pattern features such as pile knitting - funny thing is the colour is not so smart but as I keep saying - they have lots going for them, easy to attain spares, cheap to buy at present and no worries about the electronics. In short, they are great workhorses - and this model has a wonderful lace carriage that in those days was sold along with the machine.

In addition I had set up a Duomatic 80 with motor and deco and added to that my Passap E6000 and Brother 940 were as always in operational mode.