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Well, things are quiet right now...


Have to admit this website numbers are not so hot right now and its making me wonder if anyone is still interested in knitting machines, vintage or otherwise. The forum is not a great success and to be honest I would like some feedback re this new website, I sometimes find it incredibly slow and as I pay for the privilege of running it, I am beginning to wonder if its worthwhile.I work with a slow broadband service here in Brittany (ADSL) -so is this website seriously slow or is it just my connection.

I still get requests for copies of instruction manuals despite stating clearly that I do not want to spend my time copying them, and someone suggested that I start to video my stuff for youtube. There is already a dearth of information on youtube - I have to take my hat off to those who do this.. As for instruction manuals - we are so lucky nowadays, practically every manual known to man is available on the web.

To be honest this website is a labour of love for me - I just wanted to keep in contact with folk who are seriously interested in sharing information about knitting machines and associated stuff, and

it has allowed me to chat to like minded folk from all over the world.

So you tell me, is it time to call it a day! Let me know through the forum what you think before I take the next step.

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