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Superba S48 Light Box

Singer Light Box challenges

At long last I have managed to get my hands on a Superba Memomatic Light Box – the 4th attempt by the way. This one looked in good condition in the photo and only cost 20 euros plus postage so it was worth taking another chance on.

Once I had it here, I opened it up using the facebook recommended you tube video in French – must admit it was fine but it was a lot more complex than I thought – the undoing the case bit was fine eventually and I was pleased to see it still had the rubber stoppers over the screws although they were a hassle to remove but it also meant it had not been tampered with. However the inside was a different matter, it looked very clean and almost unused but as usual the belt had snapped. I then ordered one from the email address here in France and it came in about 4 days – must admit I was not too impressed with it, it looked very flimsy compared to the original however as it cost me 45 euros I decided to try it.

The video instructions are fine but my hands are not as nimble as they used to be and moving the motherboard screws took me a while and they were difficult to remove. Taking off the belt was easy enough but you had to slide the connectors off – there were three to be precise. If I remember correctly all those years ago, I probably attempted to do this with the motherboard in place and perhaps that was my downfall. I managed to pull the belt into place and it was surprisingly pliable, then fitted the connectors via the screws – so far so good, however the worse was to come and it took me forever. With my not so hot eyesight I tried umpteen times to seat the damn thing but it was I admit difficult however I did eventually managed to do it after practicing with my old lightboxes, Now this motherboard also seemed to be a more modern one as it went the full length of the box (perhaps they updated it). After I fitted the motherboard the rest went a bit more smoothly but only because I had troubles with the other light boxes in the past. I just trod gently this time.

The next bit was getting together one of my old S48 machines, and I had a green Singer but finding all the bits in this place took a while – the upside is that I found loads of stuff that was missing and accordingly arranged it in better more accessible spaces. Now the fun begins.

I attached the box to the Singer and again I repeat in my opinion, this is surely the worst design ever – it took me ages to attach the box, and thankfully it actually works but what a hassle. I did not test our the fairisle, but did test it with the built in tuck stitches. I seriously do not have the patience to test its other many capabilities and to be honest I only wanted to add a working Singer Light Box machine to my collection and this I have done, however when it comes to actually knitting with a machine I will stick to my other far superior Singers.

You will note the light boxes are interchangeable and easily available here in France but the hard bit is as always getting one that works. Even on this one, that does not look as though its ever been used, the plastic around it is very brittle and cracks easily.


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