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Passap Duomatic 80

Passap Duomatic 80 Knitting Machine

Passap Duomatic 80 with Deco attached.

Has to be one of the best semi-industrial double bed knitting machines ever produced – as time went by, they added more and more extras to it, and the most essential were the Form Computer, this allowed you to use any yarn by requesting a tension square and you then had to enter the numbers plus your size etc – this was one of the reasons I bought this machine way back in the 90’s – however I the sales person had sold it to me on the basis that if any future innovations were to come about it would be an upgrade – this was obviously not the case as after about a year the wonderful E6000 was introduced. At that time another great machine came onto the market and that was the Singer 9000 – we had so much choice it was hard to make a decision and I decided to sell my Duo and buy the E6000 and now owning all these machines I know I made the right decision.

Look into the future with no electronics to go wrong!

This however, detracts from my piece re the Duomatic 80, and to my mind as it does not need electronics it may be