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Passap E6000, DK7 and 4600 Motor

Passap Jacket

Now to the jacket, I had to first draw the chart into Designaknit, in three sizes ie small, medium and large (same check style pattern), then download it to the E6000 (just one at a time, (its so easy to download,) this jacket had the smaller pattern on the shawl collar and the turn-back cuffs of the jacket, the medium pattern for the body, and finally the larger pattern for the pockets. I made a mistake with the last bit, I downloaded the pattern as is and ended up with bits of the pattern on either side of the pocket and the designer of the pattern was very efficient as all the patterns were keyed in to match – I had to go back into the console and reprogram to knit just one single pattern – lot of fun I don’t think but I always follow the manual instructions as I can never quite get the gist of the E6000 consul dialogue questions, they are so illogical. Knitted in French crepe with two ends, the yarn did not behave itself either so it was quite an exercise to get it to run smoothly without twisting and required lots of top tension setting and resetting. A two coloured double jacquard pattern, the photo of the jacket in the magazine, looked very slick and tailored. Working with the 4600 motor is fine, but it takes some getting used to, ie just let it do its stuff, the E6000 computer goes on first then this switches on the motor – you do your programming, ensuring your motor stops are correct – as these are not operated by the consul, but I noticed it will let you know if they are not far enough out to cover your selected needles – then just follow the console instructions as normal. When casting on with the empty rows, it stops just as required – incredible. If you use the form computer, it will stop at every instruction. The other thing is you can programme it to stop, as you want it to do, however, I just like the simple things in life. Now comes the most important part and the bit I am not so hot at, ie the finishing, however, a friend of mine has offered her services and I must say I am very tempted!

Three coloured jacquard – pattern sheet printouts required?

On the subject of jacquard, and in this case 3 colour, I took ages to draft in a couple of charts into Designaknit, but what I did not realise is that because of console direction changes, I would not be able to download this directly to the console. The original design was too complex to draw as a complete picture, so I had 2 drawings, I thought about it and have I hope come up with a solution, ie print out E6000 pattern sheets, enter them via the reader make the suggested alterations and hopefully, I will have my pattern. This will provide me with my first 4600, motor and autocolour three colour design collaboration.

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