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Which knitting machine to buy?

What to consider when buying a knitting machine

Someone contacted me recently via my email address asking for information on buying her first machine – and had read my blog re the Passap and nothing else would do. This brings me to a point one never considers when you have been using machines as long as I have, how easy it is to simply slip into machine knitting, but for this lady who had never used a machine before - it was anything but. The Passap is probably one of the more complex machines to learn.

No amount of advice is going to tell you that the machine is of a certain age and its in good working order, most of these machines when sold have not been operated for years and they need a good deep clean, service and oil. Then you have the problem of what can go wrong and in the Passap E6000’s case there is a lot. You have the consul and its age ie before being upgraded or not, memory wise – the serial number should give you that information, plus you need to know the locks still work and the front electronic one is the one to check, I had 2 faulty front locks (and I used to worry about the consul) you then need to consider whether it has been well used or has it just been stored for years or even worse left on its stand in a room – you can tell this by the colour usually.