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Brother 970 Electronic Knitting Machine

Brother Electronic Knitting Machine

This model has an onboard computer and you can design form screen your garments using a selection of symbols however the screen is way too small for my liking so I will continue to use Designaknit. Unlike the Brother 940 this machine requires a magnet to actually knit from the Designaknit screen.

The garter carriage I was able to buy along with this machine was a Brother 93 and again this latest Brother 970 comes with a special addition of a bracket that attaches to the rear of the garter carriage, the good news is though, you no longer require the garter carriage to travel to the end of the machine before it turns, (I have the special cams that prevent the garter carriage doing this on my other Brother machines.) Thanks to today's generous online sites, I was able to download and print an English copy of the 970 manual. The machine came with its manuals in French.

My other cable bought from Designaknit for my 940 fits this machine and does the same job except as I do not have the magnets it does not knit from the screen. I am extremely happy with this purchase, which was sold by the family of a lady who used to work for a well know yarn company in France and she demonstrated knitting machines in her youth. There were so many extras sold with this lovely machine including the most up to date brother ribber but badged Erka. Looking forward to having some fun with this one.

To my mind a very lucky find for me - I love any machine that has computer possibilities as all that mylar sheet and punchcard business is not for this lazy so and so.

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