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Singer 9000

Single Bed Pin tucks

Singer 9000 shawl

Must admit I have not been that busy for the past week or two, apart from knitting a jersey for my other half. This jersey was a pattern from one of the old Machine Knitting Monthly Magazines and was a saddle shoulder in with a zip (just for the collar) and pin tucks from arm level upwards. I chose a gorgeous Shetland yarn in a marled maroon and began – I decided to knit it on my Singer 9000 (without the electronics) and it was fairly easy till I came to the pin tucks – I assumed they would be simple enough, the pattern was actually knitted for a Brother but the pin tucks were a single bed type – try as I might, I could not get them to operate on the Singer – for all sorts of reasons. So desperate measures were called for after a half a day of trying to get it to work, I decided to knit off the front by waste knitting and then I transferred it to my Brother 940, followed the instructions for the single bed pin tuck and that was that. I did worry about the change in tension but it seemed to have no effect. I then finished the jersey on the Singer. It looks good; I even managed to sew in the zip after finding one among my ton and half of odd and sods. After having read a few old mags I came across an article about pin tuck on the Singer but it was a double bed fabric and I am almost sure it would have done the same job, ie easy when you know how I suppose.