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Fun Knit

Hard Work Though!

Continuing on from my last post, I have now finished the circular gansey style jumper. Knitted in the round using the ribber circular setting, then using waste yarn knitting off the front via the ribber bed, I continued using the garter carriage with a vertical pattern for the yoke. The whole idea of this type of knit was to minimise the sewing up, usually this takes as long as the knitting of the pieces of a garment. Now copywrite states I am unable to share the actual pattern however, if you look at the post above, you may already have a copy of the Machine Knitting News magazine. The principle of the knit is that the main body is knitted in circular ie stockinet and when you reach the sleeve part you then take off on waste knitting the front of the jersey and continue on the back via the garter carriage using a suitable pattern for a yoke. There are different ways of finishing the neckband however I used cut and sew and ribber or you could use the garter carriage. I prefer polo necks as they are comfortable and warm to wear in our harsh Breton winters. Now to the sleeves, there are knitted circular again, top downward.