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The Pingouin Purl Machine

pingouin purl machine

I spotted this on Leboncoin and even though my French leaves a lot to be desired - I had to try and buy it. All I have to say is thank you Google Translate. This is a rare and very sought after vintage machine which when purchased was still in original cardboard box with all accessories – but no instruction manual so I downloaded it from the web – it appears to have been an Australian manufactured machine – its age I am not too sure of but I will find out later.I set it up and was puzzled as to how it retains the knitting on the needles as its totally flat and to add to that, it had no retainer bar or spring – I thought it needed a special table but no, it has a very unusual set of brackets that actually lift when you screw it to the table (excellent idea)

Without the manual I am sure I would never have operated it – however eventually after seriously looking at the book, it specifically requests that you have to wax the bed (no mention of oil here) and carriage copiously, and that made it a bit smoother – then you have to cast on. To cast on I had to first of all knit a zig zag over both beds (one by one) then add the most necessary weights. Around 10 tries later I eventually managed it, then I knitted a bit to get a good weight on the fabric. Then and only then was I able to get started trying out the garter stitches - it was simple really ie when you know how. No messing about, you knit one side at a time and push the needles in and out of work as per the pattern. Hats off to whomsoever was able to knit with this baby...we seriously don't know we are born with modern machines. machine as I doubt I will ever get another. The needles are double ended for garter stitch.

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