Knitting Machine Museum

Welcome to the Virtual Knitting Machine Museum which highlights my large collection of vintage and modern knitting machines.  My name is Maggi Bloice  and I live in the Ille-et-Vilaine near the village of Saint-Ouen-des-Alleux in beautiful Brittany, in France.  I originally hail from the UK and although English, I spent my working life in Scotland. 


Apart from a couple of the illustrated machines, I own the the rest .  Maintaining them is a full time job and I enjoy every minute of it.  Besides the knitting machines I have a huge library of books, magazines and loads of  associated accessories and gadgets and of course DesignaKnit, my favourite knitting machine software. 


 I have recently moved here and at present I am in the process of unpacking my machines and other associated stuff to set up my workshop in a large old stone barn.  I have high hopes that this move will help preserve them from the damp and humid Breton climate.  However its an enormous task but the end is in sight.   I am still testing the climate variations, ie upstairs is slightly warmer than downstairs which means in the heat its going to be much more comfortable to work downstairs.  Its now Autumn and its a bit warmer upstairs at the moment - decisions, decisions!  


If you happen to be passing my way, and would like to see my private collection, you will be made welcome, email

me first though, to ensure I am there!  Take a look at my at my workshop updates via the Knitting Shed Blog and my keep an eye on my Facebook page dedicated to the art of machine knitting and knitting machines.  Feel free to contact me at any time using my email address below.  You can access the workshop blog either by using the button above labelled KM Workshop or by pressing the blog button.  Whatever you do, don't forget to check my blog which gives more indepth and updated information.